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Visit has got to be in my top 5 cam sites that’s for sure. I’m not going to lie this site has given me immense pleasure over the years and the women I have met – where shall I start? The women here are some of the most gorgeous and fun loving ladies I have ever met in my life and their shows? Mind blowing that’s for sure. has a very nice layout with tons of beautiful cam girls gracing the main page of the site.

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This site is old – founded before 2000 – that means in the last century and the design hasn’t really changed much since then. It retains it’s amateur feel that some people say is boring and tired but I actually like that amateur vibe, even if you’re not into it don’t let that putĀ  you off. This site still attract a lot of cam girls from 173 countries but it’s the one site where a lot of UK cam girls seem to hangout.